17. Jun, 2015

I was deep in conversation with a friend recently, when an acquaintance joined us. the topic we were debating was 'Team Dark'. Immediately the third person joined in. 'I don't believe there is dark, only light and you should not be creating it by discussing it'. With this she promptly walked off. We both looked at each other, unsure if we had heard correctly. We said nothing as she had spoken her truth. Does something not exist because you refuse to acknowledge it? Or does it make you more vulnerable because you do not believe in its existence and refuse to consider it as a possibility. Just because you do not believe in something, does not mean it is not there and it is not true. But by doing so you make it more powerful. It can attack you and latch onto. It can drain your energy and taint your vibration. It can do so without fear of interference from you, because you refuse to accept its existence. Or you believe your energy and vibration is sufficiently high enough and clean enough to deter it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Just as you look for dangers when you surf the internet or shop on the internet, cross the road, go out late at night, drive on a a busy motorway, always apply the same principles to your energetic field. Beware and be aware of hangers on and leeches they exist in all aspects of life including the psychic field

17. Jun, 2015
27. May, 2015

Interview 27th May 2015, with Sandrea Mosses - Sunny & Shay Show BBC WM 95.6FM 2pm/4pm - Interview is on the right under the heading "Interviews" -

25. May, 2015

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